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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Morning Mix: Playlist, Episode 11068

Bon Iver, "Lump Sum" For Emma Forever Ago
Laura Cantrell, "Silver Wings" Trains & Boats & Planes
Iguanas, "Okemah" If You Should Ever Fall On Hard Times
Dave Alvin, "Abilene" Best Of the Hightone Years
Charlie Haden w/Elvis Costello, "You Win Again" Rambling Boy
Annabelle Chvostek w/Mary Gauthier, "Nashville" Resilience
Steve Earle, "Over Yonder" Transcendental Blues
Avi & Celia, "Pipes" Let It Rise
Derailers, "Wallflower" Guaranteed To Satisfy
Lyle Lovett, "Christmas Morning" Road To Escondido
Chuck Ragan w/Austin Lucas, "Hold My Bed" Bristle Ridge
Susan Tedeschi, "700 Houses" Back To the River
Two Cow Garage, "Swingset Assassin" Speaking In Cursive
Joe Ely, "Streets Of Sin" Streets Of Sin
Two Gallants, "Despite What You've Been Told" Two Gallants
Gary Louris, "True Blue" Acoustic Vagabonds
Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel, "My Town" Oh the Stories We Hold
Bela Fleck, "Linus & Lucy" Jingle All the Way
Micky & the Motorcars, "Naive" Naive
J Tillman w/Fleet Foxes, "First Born" Vacilando Territory Blues
Northern Lights, "King Of California" One Day
Adam Klein, "Guitars Wine & Women" Western Tales & Trails
Gram Parsons, "Return Of the Grievous Angel" (alternate take) Complete Reprise Sessions
Anais Mitchell & Rachel Ries, "When You Fall" Country EP
Tom Russell, "Veteran's Day" Veteran's Day
Trampled By Turtles, "Empire" Duluth
Ben Nichols, "Delia's Gone" All Aboard: Tribute To Johnny Cash
Ray Lamontagne, "Hey Me Hey Mama" Gossip In the Grain

Some Thursdays things go so well. I walk from the studio into the FoCo sunshine, high-fiving my soul (not easy, believe me), feeling like the cool dj I pretended to be as a kid with a cheap record player and a cassette recorder. Other days (ie, this morning), it's all I can do to keep from drooling on the microphone. Chances are, it sounds pretty much the same on the air, but there's no flow from where I sit. I can't access the groove that can come with programming a great show. It all started when I was trying to unwrap a CD and realized that the music that marks the end of the news broadcast was playing and I had yet to put a CD in the player ...

... next week will be the Best Show Ever!

Speaking of which: I've tentatively scheduled my Favorite Music of 2008 shows for Thursday, December 11 (Favorite Songs) and December 18 (Albums), with December 25 being reserved for ceaseless holiday frivolities. Please calendar these dates and tell a friend.

until then,



Scott "Shotgun" Majors said...

BTW you sounded great to me. But I do know what you mean.

Question: I can't find anyone who knows how to pronounce Chvostek, I noticed you play her, Karen and I out here can't figure it out. We've even written her for help, no luck. When in doubt ask Foley?

S Foley said...

I can't imagine any other way than "ch-vos-tek" or "cha-vos-tek". Some good cuts on the album, though, especially the title track. Tho I think her duet with Cockburn is awful ...