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Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30, 2009
Scott Foley

Thanks to all who called in this morning to help us hulk-smash our Spring Membership Drive goals. As we're out to save radio and all, it's nice to know there are a few folks on our side.

Fewer tunes today, what with JoAnn and I being all chatty and stuff. This is why community radio types aren't encouraged to spend to much mic time; we just can't stop talking and patting ourselves on the back. Nevertheless, we did manage to fit in a lovely new song from Calexico, from a tribute album to Chris Gaffney, as well as some new Dylan and Rhett "look at my boyish face" Miller of the Old 97s.

* Sam Baker, "Orphan" Pretty World (self, 07)
* Creekdippers, "Walk With Them" Political Manifest (Mercy, 04)
* Reed Foehl, "Once An Ocean" Old Country Fair (self, 09)
* Calexico, "Frank's Tavern" Man Of Somebody's Dreams (Yep Roc, 09)
* Raconteurs, "Old Enough" Top Yourself EP (Warner, 08)
* Doc Marshalls, "Woman Knows No Heartache" No Kind Of Life (self, 05)
* Sara Watkins, "Long Hot Summer Days" Sara Watkins (Nonesuch, 09)
* Diana Jones, "Day I Die" Better Times Will Come (Proper, 09)
* Dan Auerbach, "Goin' Home" Keep It Hid (Nonesuch, 09)
* Gourds, "How Will You Shine" Noble Creatures (Yep Roc, 07)
* Po' Girl, "Gasoline" Deer In the Night (self, 08)
* Jonell Mosser, "Livin' In the Devil's Hand" Trust Yourself (Better Angels, 09)
* Los Lonely Boys, "Castanets" Por Vida (Or Music, 04)
* Bob Dylan, "Forgetful Heart" Together Through Life (Columbia, 09)
* Ronnie Fauss, "Pistols In the Air" New Songs For the Old Frontier, Vol 1 (FTG, 09)
* Willie & the Wheel, "South" Willie & the Wheel (Bismaux, 09)
* Chuck Mead, "I Wish It Was Friday" Journeyman's Wager (self, 09)
* Rhett Miller, "Nobody Says I Love You Anymore" Rhett Miller (Shout Factory, 09)
* Old Californio, "Mother Road" Westering Again (self, 09)
* Kasey Chambers, "Nothing At All" Carnival (Warner, 06)


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