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Saturday, September 05, 2009

September 3, 2009
Scott Foley

Ironically, a band with one of the worst names of the year has released one of the better albums. Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank (?!!) play a Minnesota-bred blend of The Band and Avett Bros, backed frequently by members of Duluth's Trampled by Turtles. Cruncy, irreverent and just this side of messy.

Speaking of crunchy, Lucero's first Big Label single has found the light of day. Their last album found them in the wake of discovering keyboards. This time, it's horns. Also nice to hear from Chuck Ragan, CCR and Dayna Kurtz's nice take on songs beloved by Hazel Dickens. Two recurring artists: The Pines' "Shiny Shoes" is a gorgeous track. And why won't any American label release Shane Nicholson's fantastic Familiar Ghosts album?

* Blue Mountain, "Wink" Dog Days (Roadrunner, 95)
* Kieran Kane, "Way Down Below" Somewhere Beyond the Roses (Compass, 09)
* Dayna Kurtz & Mamie Minch, "It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad)" For the Love of Hazel (Kismet, 09)
* Madison Violet, "Small of My Heart" No Fool For Trying (True North, 09)
* Band of Heathens, "What's This World" One Foot in the Ether (BOH, 09)
* Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, "Silver Spoons" Traveling Show (Call it Correspondence, 09)
* Justin Townes Earle, "Far Away in Another Town" The Good Life (Bloodshot, 08)
* Shane Nicholson, "Where the Water Goes" Familiar Ghosts (Liberation, 08)
* Radney Foster, "Life is Hard (Love is Easy)" Revival (Devil's River, 09)
* Split Lip Rayfield, "Used To Call Me Baby" Never Make It Happen (Bloodshot, 01)
* Tom Russell, "Mississippi River Runnin' Backwards" Smoke (Shout, 09)
* A. A. Bondy, "Oh the Vampyre" When the Devil's Loose (Fat Possum, 09)
* Diana Jones, "Henry Russell's Last Words" Better Times Will Come (Proper, 09)
* Resentments, "Ricebirds" On My Way to See You (Freedom, 06)
* The Pines, "Shiny Shoes" Tremolo (Red House, 09)
* Cross Canadian Ragweed, "Blue Bonnets" Happiness and All the Other Things (Universal, 09)
* Jon Dee Graham, "Jesus of the Freeway" First Bear on the Moon (Freedom, 09)
* Works Progress Administration, "Always Have My Love" WPA (WPA, 09)
* Drive-by Truckers, "TVA" The Fine Print (New West, 09)
* Magnolia Electric Co, "Little Sad Eyes" Josephine (Secretly Canadian, 09)
* Lucero, "Smoke" 1372 Overton Park (Universal, 09)
* Bad Livers, "Jesus is On the Mainline" Dust on the Bible (Quarterstick, 94)
* Jubal Lee Young, "I Refuse" Last Free Place in America (Reconstruction, 09)
* Sam Baker, "Who's Gonna Be Your Man" Cotton (Music Road, 09)
* Chuck Ragan, "Glory" Gold Country (Side One Dummy, 09)
* Mike Farris, "Green Green Grass of Home" Shout! Live (INO, 09)


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