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Saturday, December 04, 2010

December 2, 2010
Scott Foley

Joe Pug, Tallest Man On Earth, Chad Price, Austin Lucas. Artists who tend to perform unadorned, exposed on stage with only a guitar between them and the audience. Not a new performance style, to be sure, but one that seems to be making a comeback, albeit in a grittier, more visceral fashion. Take a large, longhaired man named Jake Smith. Performing under the name White Buffalo, Smith has been described thusly, "If Richie Havens and Eddie Vedder has a baby with Levon Helm and Joe Cocker." Track down his new EP, Prepare For Black & Blue.

Oddly enough, White Buffalo's label, Ruff Shod, also released this month the second CD by Colorado "transcendental folk" ensemble Elephant Revival, also featured in this week's Episode.

Stay tuned next Thursday morning for a countdown of my favorite americana, and roots music songs.

* Jon Snodgrass, "Long Way Found" Visitor's Band (Suburban Home, 09)
* Steeldrivers, "Where Rainbows Never Die" Reckless (Rounder, 10)
* Trishas, "Trouble About My Soul" They Call Us the Trishas (Fatty Four, 10)
* DB Rielly, "We're All Going Straight To Hell" Love Potions and Snake Oil (Shut Up, 09)
* Samantha Crain, "Santa Fe" You (Understood) (Ramseur, 10)
* Ken Will Morton, "Breathe" True Grit (Sojourn, 10)
* Elephant Revival, "Feathers Rise" Break in the Clouds (Ruff Shod, 10)
* Hayes Carll, "Grateful For Christmas" KMAG YOYO (Lost Hwy, 11)
* Los Lobos, "On Main St" Tin Can Trust (Shout, 10)
* Leslie & the Badgers, "Flyin' Shoes" More Townes Van Zandt By the Great Unknown (forthesakeofthesong, 10)
* Brennen Leigh, "Just to Hear My Little Bluebird Sing" The Box (Self, 10)
* Sam Baker, "Angel Hair" Cotton (Music Road, 09)
* Amos Lee, "Windows Are Rolled Down" Mission Bell (Blue Note, 11)
* Lucinda Williams, "Somebody Somewhere" Coal Miner's Daughter: Tribute to Loretta Lynn (Sony, 10)
* Kenny Perkins, "Tiny Distraction" Wild Frontier (Self, 11)
* Susan Cowsill, "World at Christmas Time" Very Threadhead Holiday (Threadhead, 10)
* Glenna Bell, "These Days" Perfectly Legal (Self, 10)
* 6 Day Bender, "Leaving Today" E'Ville Fuzz (Eastham, 10)
* Todd Adelman & the Love Handles, "Hand Over Your Heart" Todd Adelman & the Love Handles (Porch Lantern, 09)
* Old 97s, "State of Texas" Grand Theatre Vol 1 (New West, 10)
* Iron & Wine, "Walking For From Home" Walking Far From Home EP (Warner, 10)
* Robert Plant, "You Can't Buy My Love" Band of Joy (Rounder, 10)
^ White Buffalo, "Love Song #2" Prepare for Black & Blue (Ruff Shod, 10)
* Chatham County Line, "Crop Comes In" Wildwood (Yep Roc, 10)
* Rachel Harrington, "Spokane" Celilo Falls (Skinny Dennis, 10)
* Fistful of Mercy, "Father's Son" As I Call You Down (Hot, 10)
* Fats Kaplin & Kristi Rose, "And the Shepherds Danced" I Wonder as I Wander (Pulp Country, 10)

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