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Friday, April 29, 2011

April 28, 2011
Scott Foley

New stuff on this Episode from Emmylou Harris and Michael Fracasso. From Owen Temple and Eliza Gilkyson. I'll pause a sec to allow you to roam up and down your radio dial to find another station that plays this variety of americana, and roots music. But I know you won't find it.

Alright. There's a good chance you were regaled with a McDonald's breakfast ad, a Shane Club solicitation, 90 seconds singing the praises of the Black Eyed Pea. But no Quiet American. No Israel Nash Gripka or Kimmie Rhodes. King Soopers reminding you it's only ten days until Mother's Day, but no Amanda Shires.

Now turn to 88.9fm, or Through next Saturday, KRFC will be giving you an opportunity to gauge what a station like ours means to you. Give me a call next Thursday, or head over to our website and join our community of music lovers.

* Michael Fracasso, "Ada OK" Saint Monday (Self, 11)
* Robyn Ludwick, "Out of These Blues" Out of These Blues (Late Show, 11)
* Owen Temple, "Mountain Home" Mountain Home (El Paisano, 11)
* Steeldrivers, "If it Hadn't Been For Love" Steeldrivers (Rounder, 08)
* Quiet American, "I Will Be the One" Quiet American Vol 2 (Boulder Acoustic Society, 11)
* Buddy Miller, "God's Wing'ed Horse" Majestic Silver Strings (New West, 11)
* kd lang, "Inglewood" Sing it Loud (Nonesuch, 11)
* Cahalen Morrison + Eli West, "My Bloody Heart" Holy Coming of the Storm (Self, 11)
* Fleet Foxes, "Montezuma" Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop, 11)
* Emmylou Harris, "Home Sweet Home" Hard Bargain (Nonesuch, 11)
* Chris Brecht, "Not Where You Are" Dead Flower Motel (Dead Leaf, 11)
* Eliza Gilkyson, "Death in Arkansas" Roses at the End of Time (Red House, 11)
* Israel Nash Gripka, "Red Dress" Barn Doors and Concrete Floors (Self, 11)
* Band of Heathens, "Gris Gris Satchel" Top Hat Crown ... (BoH, 11)
* Amanda Shires, "Swimmer" Carrying Lightning (Self, 11)
* Austin Lucas, "Darkness Out of Me" New Home in the Old World (Last Chance, 11)
* Bonnie & the Clydes, "Snake Mt Blues" Bonnie & the Clydes (Self, 11)
* Alela Diane, "Elijah" Wild Divine (Beggars Banquet, 11)
* Brian Wright, "Accordion" House on Fire (Sugar Hill, 11)
* Kimmie Rhodes w/Joe Ely, "Catch the Wind" Dreams of Flying (Sun Bird, 11)
* Rhett Miller, "Last Night Was a Big Rain" Best of Times: TX Artists Performing the Music of Sara Hickman (Sleeveless, 11)
* G Love, "Walk On" Fixin' to Die (Brushfire, 11)
* Slim Cessna's Auto Club, "One Fila Brasiliero" Unentitled (Alt Tentacles, 11)
* Lucinda Williams, "Buttercup" Blessed (Lost Hwy, 11)
* Wylie & the Wild West, "Raven On the Wind" Raven On the Wind (Hi-Line, 11)
* Amy Speace, "Vertigo" Land Like a Bird (Thirty Tigers, 11)
* Antsy McClain, "Everything's a Dollar" Heroes Last Forever (DPR, 11)

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