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Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 7, 2011
Scott Foley

Typically in this spot I'll highlight an artist or album which is receiving play on the current Episode of TMM. Here, I'll make an exception for Josh T Pearson. Formerly leader of TX psychedelic rock band Lift to Experience, Pearson's first solo album is a frustratingly beautiful collection of sprawling, rambling "country" songs, sung in the voice of a brokenhearted man. So, you might respond, if it's so great why don't you play it? Like another initial-user, J Tillman, Pearson's music is simply not radio-friendly, ranging from hushed, oh-is-the-song-over passages to profane howls. Not for everyone, Last of the Country Gentlemen has been as frequently damned by critics as it has been praised. For my part, I can't remove it from my player.

* Low Anthem, "Maybe So" Smart Flesh (Nonesuch, 11)
* Wilco, "One Hundred Years From Now" Return of the Grievous Angel (Almo, 99)
* Susan James, "Airstream Girl" Highways Ghosts Hearts & Home (Self, 10)
* Robyn Ludwick, "New Orleans" Out of These Blues (Late Show, 11)
* Israel Nash Gripka, "Fool's Gold" Barn Doors and Concrete Floors (Self, 11)
* Surplus Cheaper Hands, "Restless Heart" It's Your Parade (Self, 11)
* Band of Heathens, "Polaroid" Top Hat Crown ... (BoH, 11)
* Fistful of Mercy, "Father's Son" As I Call You Down (Hot, 10)
* Bob Schneider, "Honeypot" Perfect Day (Kirkland, 11)
* Sara Watkins, "Pony" Sara Watkins (Nonesuch, 09)
* Robbie Robertson, "Straight Down the Line" How to Become Clairvoyant (429, 11)
* Jeff Finlin, "Long Lonesome Death of the Traveling Man" Angels in Disguise (Korova, 06)
* Alison Krauss, "Lay My Burden Down" Paper Airplane (Rounder, 11)
* Drive-by Truckers, "Mercy Buckets" Go-Go Boots (ATO, 11)
* Arliss Nancy, "Paul Revere" Truck Stop Roses (Backbone, 10)
* Tara Nevins, "Wood and Stone" Wood and Stone (Sugar Hill, 11)
* Steve Earle, "Waitin' on the Sky" I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive (New West, 11)
* Richmond Fontaine, "You Can Move Back Here" We Used To Think the Freeway ... (El Cortez, 09)
* Peter Case, "Round Trip Stranger Blues" Case Files (Alive, 11)
* Zoe Muth & the Lost High Rollers, "If I Can't Trust You With a Quarter" Starlight Motel (Signature Sounds, 11)
* Shannon McNally, "Memory of a Ghost" Western Ballad (Sacred Sumac, 11)
* Bap Kennedy, "Elvis Hand & Me" Long Time a Comin' (Catfish, 02)
* Bright Wright, "Striking Machines" House on Fire (Sugar Hill, 11)
* Jude Johnstone, "Quiet Girl" Quiet Girl (BoJak, 11)
* JD McPherson, "North Side Gal" Signs and Signifiers (Self, 11)

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