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Monday, January 23, 2012

January 21, 2012
Scott Foley

This week's strongest Colorado debut comes via John Statz, who falls gracefully in line with The Pines and Kelly Pardekooper in pegging Bo Ramsey to produce his Old Fashioned.  From a bit further southwest, we begin our exploration of the debut offering from California's Far West.  Likewise promising is the first glimpse into the forthcoming Lucero release.

Our Best Thing Ever for the week drops upon us from Up North, where Elliott BROOD finally get around to sending their great new effort to the US (it came out late September in Canada).  Always fond of mandolins and harmony, the trio strap on their electric guitars for their 4th CD.  Their own website states as much, "... the album showcases a more amped up Elliott BROOD that will put the knell to the 'death country' tag that described their early work. Now, the roof-raising rhythm stomp and mandolin collides with luscious harmonies, piano and, for the first time, electric guitar in a mix Casey admits is 'loud, heavy and rock 'n' roll'."  Days Into Years was reportedly inspired in part by a tour of World War I battlefields, specifically, "the invasion of Juno Beach by Canadian soldiers on June 6, 1944".  While it's far less dry than your typical Canadian history lesson, it's especially heartening to hear a band that ventures farther afield than songs about relational dysfunction ... 

Remember, please, to tune into my Thursday Morning Mix, from 10 until noon on KRFC.  While I haven't been posting my playlists, suffice to say that they tend to feature more of a stylistic range than R&B.  Last Thursday, f'rinstance, I featured new trax from the Shins, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Laura Gibson and Ben Kweller.  It's the perfect outlet for one with my limited musical attention span ...

*  Hayes Carll, "Beaumont"  Trouble In Mind  (Lost Hwy, 08)
*  HoneyHoney, "I Don't Mind"  Billy Jack  (Lost Hwy, 11)
*  Damn Quails, "Another Story"  Down the Hatch  (598, 11)
*  Whitehorse, "I'm On Fire"  Whitehorse  (Six Shooter, 11)
*  Have Gun Will Travel, "Time Machine"  Mergers & Acquisitions  (Suburban Home, 11)
*  John Statz, "Distance"  Old Fashioned  (Yer Bird, 12)
*  Nanci Griffith, "Southbound Train"  Flyer  (Elektra, 94)
^  Elliott BROOD, "Lindsay"  Days Into Years  (Paper Bag, 11)
*  Deep Dark Woods, "Back Alley Blues"  Place I Left Behind  (Sugar Hill, 11)
*  James McMurtry, "Cold Dog Soup"  This One's For Him  (Icehouse, 12)
*  Oakhurst, "Barrel"  Barrel  (Self, 12)
*  William Elliott Whitmore, "Old Devils"  Animals In the Dark  (Anti, 09)
*  Lucero, "Sometimes"  Women and Work  (ATO, 12)
*  Far West, "Bitter Drunk and Cold"  Far West  (Wooden Tapes, 11)
*  Boca Chica, "Do Right Woman"  Get Out Of Sin City  (Self, 11)
*  Chris Castle, "All Kinds Of Time"  Last Bird Home  (Dirtsandwich, 12)
*  Halden Wofford & the Hi-Beams, "Best Of All Possible Worlds"  Live @Hodi's  (Self, 12)
*  Lincoln Durham, "Love Letters"  Shovel vs the Howling Bones  (Rayburn, 12)
*  Chris Knight, "Rural Route"  Enough Rope  (Drifter's Church, 06)
*  Gretchen Peters, "Dark Angel"  Hello Cruel World  (Scarlet Letter, 12)
*  First Aid Kit, "Emmylou"  Lion's Roar  (Wichita, 12)
*  Kelly Pardekooper, "Mommy Was a Punk Rock Queen"  Yonder  (Leisure Time, 11)
*  Tin Horn Prayer, "Wretch"  Get Busy Dying  (Suburban Home, 10)
*  Darrell Scott, "It Must Be Sunday"  Long Ride Home  (Full Light, 12)
*  Sons Of Bill, "Santa Ana Winds"  Sirens  (Self, 12)
*  Orbo & the Longshots, "High Grass Dog"  Prairie Sun  (Blue Mood, 12)
*  Bottle Rockets, "Bar's On Fire"  Brand New Year  (New West, 99)

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