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Tuesday, January 07, 2014


1.  Paper Bird, Rooms  (Self, 3/26)  ^
2.  Elephant Revival, These Changing Skies  (Itz Evolving, 9/03)
3.  Gregory Alan Isakov, The Weatherman  (Suitcase Town, 7/09)
4.  Arliss Nancy, Wild American Runners  (Black Numbers, 10/08)
5.  Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams, Rocky Mountain Honky Tonk  (Self, 7/01)
6.  Drag the River, Drag the River  (Xtra Mile, 11/05)
7.  Patti Fiasco, Small Town Lights  (Self, 8/17)
8.  Tennis, Small Sound  (Communion, 11/05)
9.  Nathaniel Rateliff, Falling Faster Than You Can Run  (Mod y Vi, 9/17)
10. A tom collins, Stick & Poke  (Greater Than Collective, 7/23)
11. Belle Jar, Union Station  (Self, 7/13)
12. Petals of Spain, Petals of Spain  (Self, 11/17)
13. Colfax Speed Queen, Satisfaction Intended  (Self, 6/26)
14. Fierce Bad Rabbit, Maestro & the Elephant  (Self, 1/02)
15. Megan Burtt, In Good Company  (Love Hope Strength, 11/15)
16. 4H Royalty, Liars & Outliers  (Self)
17. Varlet, American Hymns  (Self, 10/02)
18. Sour Boy Bitter Girl, Days After the Fire  (Self, 5/04)
19. Casey James Prestwood & Burning Angels, Honky Tonk Bastard World  (Self, 9/19)
20. Wire Faces, King Cataract  (Self, 2/07)
21. Reno Divorce, Lover's Leap  (Rusty Knuckles, 12/11/12)
22. Princess Music, Odobenidae  (Hot Congress, 9/03)
23. Covenhoven, Covenhoven  (Self, 9/24)
24. Beautiful Loser Society, Desperate Promenade  (Self, 12/12/12)
25. Land Lines, Land Lines  (Cash Cow, 11/24/12)

Let's see ... as far as americana, and/or roots music, we'd be looking at roughly half of what's on my list.  While from the vantage point of early January, it wasn't the stellar year that ws 2012, we still leave 2013 with some fine square-state music in tow.  While I don't deliberately seek out music from other states (Wisconsin, for instance), it's always been my sense that there is a music scene just about everywhere you look.  Somewhere over the last couple weeks a blogger in Wisconsin surely assembled a list of their favorite Wisconsin music.  There's good music just about wherever you look, and I'd argue that it's a bit easier to find here in Colorado.

 ~ Scott

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