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Saturday, November 05, 2016

a brave? new! world 
November 5, 2016

Way back on my post for January 2, I eerily predicted that 2016 would see me backing out of several of my appointments in order to focus more time on this blog.  Or something.  Turns out I did more than that.  This week I stepped down from my weekly radio broadcast on KRFC.  This was driven by several factors, none of which I'll mention here.  I also mentioned so many months ago that I hoped to enter into podcasting once it was financially realistic.  Still waiting for that financially realistic part to happen ...

In the meantime, we're left with a review blog with some music attached.  Starting next Episode, I'll be more consistent with my Spotify playlists, lovingly assembling 25 songs as though I'm a real live dj.  We'll continue to focus on what's new (... and what matters to you!) in the world of blah blah blah.  I'll just be paying more money to deliver it to your digital doorstep.

I have messily mixed feelings about not sharing this stuff with you via radio.  As ever, terrestrial radio remains 98% potential (like this blog!).  I loved my broadcast moments, even while recognizing that I'm no Casey Kasem / Ryan Seacrest / Billy Bush.  Last time I stepped away from the mic I was driving from Oregon to Colorado, listening closely for a new radio home.  Now I'm back on the road (figuratively, since I've got no plans to leave our faire square state), scanning the proverbial horizon for a new place to plant my signal.  Like riding a bike, it's something I'm not especially built for ...  Unlike riding a bike, it's probably something I'll keep trying to get right until the end.

Still to come this year:  My year end favorites lists.  Certainly at least one holiday playlist.  And reviews aplenty!

As I've said before, watch this space ...


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to know you've left KRFC, I built my Saturday late afternoon (prevening?) around your show.