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Sunday, October 07, 2012

October 6, 2012
Scott Foley

That's right.  Snow this week here in Northern Colorado.  We'll huddle down and do our best to pretend Fall actually happened this year.  It's just another reminder for me that the year's end is pending, that we're slouching toward that time when I hole up to decide my favorite albums and songs of 2012.  I'll choose a couple dates in the next week or two for these respective programs.  This year, I believe I'll debut my favorite Colorado music list on my Thursday Morning Mix program some week.  More news to come on this.

Lest you think that anything on my year end list was already released earlier in 2012, I give you Lindi Ortega as evidence that great new music is being made everyday.  The Canadian sparkplug's 2011 album, Little Red Boots, was certainly one of the notable debuts of the year, and set high expectations for Ortega's sophomore effort.  Produced by north-of-the-border guitar legend Colin Linden, Cigarettes & Truckstops is a darker, more mature record (as evidenced by titles like "Murder of Crows" "Use Me" and "Day You Die").  Ortega's cowgirl look and her sweet, Kasey Chambers-like chirp of a voice might mislead listeners to think otherwise, but there is a lot more depth to her songwriting than you might find in other pretty voices.  Her neo-rockabilly and honky tonk rhythms are infections, and certainly strong enough to vie for a prime spot in my list.

Finally, I'm really enjoying our new original content here, Routes & Branches Departures.  Misters Fauss and Andrews have already gotten us off to a great start, and I have two more postings waiting in the wings for later this week.  By all means, stay tuned!

*  Gun Street Ghost, "Fine"  One Home  (Self, 12)
*  Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs, "Whole Lot More"  Sunday Run Over Me  (Transdreamer, 12)
*  Denver, "Way It Is"  Denver  (Self, 12)
*  Ronnie Fauss, "The Last"  I Am the Man You Know I'm Not  (Normaltown, 12)
*  Levon Helm, "Back To Memphis (live)"  Ramble At the Ryman  (Vanguard, 11)
*  Slobberbone, "Meltdown"  Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today  (New West, 00)
*  Chris Knight, "Jack Loved Jesse"  Little Victories  (Drifter's Church, 12)
*  Coles Whalen, "Whiskey Bruisin'"  Whiskey Bruisin' EP  (Self, 12)  D
*  Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson, "Familiar Strangers"  Wreck & Ruin  (Sugar Hill, 12)
*  Sons of Bill, "Life in Shambles (live)"  With Kerosene Instead  (Self, 12)  D
*  Charlie Robison, "Beautiful Day"  Beautiful Day  (Dualtone, 09)
*  Reckless Kelly, "Back In the USA"  Pennsylvania Avenue single  (No Big Deal, 12)
*  Samantha Crain, "Never Going Back"  internet single  (Self, 12)  D
*  Hellbound Glory, "Lost Cause"  Damaged Goods  (Rusty Knuckles, 11)
*  Esme Patterson, "Sun Up 2 Sun Down"  All Princes I  (Greater Than Collective, 12)
*  Richmond Fontaine, "Lonnie"  We Used  To Think the Freeway Sounded Like a River  (El Cortez, 09)
^  Lindi Ortega, "Cigarettes & Truckstops"  Cigarettes & Truckstops  (Last Gang, 12)
*  Larry & His Flask, "Closed Doors"  Hobo's Lament  (Self, 12)  D
*  Jon Dee Graham, "Beautifully Broken"  Not As Bad As It Looks  (Freedom, 10)
*  Rich With Friends, "Better Day"  One Step Closer  (Self, 12)  D
*  Rosie Flores, "If (I Could Be With You)"  Working Girl's Guitar  (Bloodshot, 12)
*  Nels Andrews, "Starboard"  Scrimshaw  (Self, 12)  D
*  Patterson Hood, "Disappear"  Heat Lightning Rumbles In the Distance  (ATO, 12)
*  Somebody's Darling, "Wedding Clothes"  Jank City Shakedown  (Self, 12)
*  Gasoline Lollipop, "Longest Night"  Dawn  (Self, 12)  D
*  Brandi Carlile, "Folsom Prison Blues (live)"  We Walk the Line  (Legacy, 12)
*  Wanda Jackson, "Graveyard Shift"  Unfinished Business  (Sugar Hill, 12)
*  Traopper Schoepp & the Shades, "Cold Deck"  Run Engine Run  (SideOneDummy, 12)  D
*  Whitehorse, "Radiator Blues"  Fate of the World Depends On This Kiss  (Six Shooter, 12)  D

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