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Monday, December 30, 2013

featuring the very best of americana, and roots music
December 28, 2013
Scott Foley

Another year, another favorites list.  Whittled down from an initial slate of around 60 candidates, my list features albums that pass for Big Americana Hits, as well as records with a cult fanbase, and still others that have appeared on zero other americana blog lists to my knowledge.  This time of year I take a look over my shoulder at lists from years passed, both to remind me how to do this as well as to see how things are holding up.  You too can access these via that little pull-down date menu down and to the right. 

This year, my broadcast shenanigans have been somewhat curtailed for the sake of sanity (my own, and maybe yours too).  I've already aired my holiday shows for both R&B and my Monday Mix (1-3mt), and begin launching my favorites shows with this Episode.  Instead of doing one show for americana albums and a second for tunes, this year I'll broadcast just one americana favorites show, featuring an albums list.  My Mix favorites show, on the other hand, will be all about the songs, including at least a couple americana sorts. Here is a quick peek at my 10 favorite songs of 2013, to be aired on Monday, December 28 from 1-4 (MT):

  1. Phosphorescent, "Song For Zula"
  2. Iron & Wine, "Joy"
  3. Okkervil River, "Down Down the Deep River"
  4. Jason Isbell, "Elephant"
  5. Night Beds, "Ramona"
  6. Strokes, "One Way Trigger"
  7. Jim James, "A New Life"
  8. San Fermin, "Sonsick"
  9. Petals of Spain, "I Gotta Know"
  10. the National, "Pink Rabbits"
  ... as you can see, quite a bit wider ranging than my americana lists.

Anyhow, let's get this americana thing on the road.

Favorite americana, & roots music albums for 2013:

  1. Jason Isbell, Southeastern  (Southeastern, 6/11)
  2. John Moreland, In the Throes  (Last Chance, 6/11)
  3. Lindi Ortega, Tin Star  (Last Chance, 10/08)
  4. Band of Heathens, Sunday Morning Record  (BoH, 9/17)
  5. Various Artists, Songs For Slim: Rockin' Here Tonight  (New West, 11/08)
  6. Sturgill Simpson, High Top Mountain  (High Top Mt, 6/11)
  7. Possessed By Paul James, There Will Be Nights When I'm Lonely  (Hillgrass Bluebilly, 10/29)
  8. John Murry, Graceless Age  (Evangeline, 4/02)
  9. Scud Mountain Boys, Do You Love the Sun  (Ashmont, 6/09)
  10. Austin Lucas, Stay Reckless  (New West, 8/23)
  11. Over the Rhine, Meet Me At the Edge of the World  (Great Speckled Dog, 9/03)
  12. Two Cow Garage, Death of the Self Preservation Society  (Last Chance, 9/10)
  13. Caitlin Rose, Stand-In  (ATO, 3/05)
  14. Son Volt, Honky Tonk  (Rounder, 3/19)
  15. Bonnie Whitmore, There I Go Again  (This is American Music, 6/11)
  16. Mount Moriah, Miracle Temple  (Merge, 2/26)
  17. Kill County, Dust In Wire  (Self, 4/15)
  18. Left Arm Tan, Alticana  (Self, 2/26)
  19. Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, Old Yellow Moon  (Nonesuch, 2/22)
  20. Hiss Golden Messenger, Haw  (Paradise of Bachelors, 9/17)
  21. I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House, Mayberry  (Self, 6/15)
  22. Have Gun Will Travel, Fact Fiction or Folktale  (This is American Music, 9/10)
  23. Star Anna, Go To Hell  (Spark & Shine, 9/24)
  24. Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy, A Tell All  (Sweet Nectar, 10/15)
  25. Amanda Shires, Down Fell the Doves  (Lightning Rod, 8/06)

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