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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Drive
traipsing thru the internets

Is the american-o-sphere ready for a happy Lucinda Williams? MusicRemedy features a short chat with the queen of melancholy, shedding light on what promises to be a somewhat lighter new album, Little Honey (due 10/14). The debut single, "Real Love" is already playing on KRFC's Morning Mix.

O Americana Where Art Thou? Because any genre which ceases to evolve becomes a dead genre, I enjoy poking around the fringes of americana in search of Life. While there, I've come across wonderful stuff like Portland's Horse Feathers, whose House With No Home is a beautiful, dark, melancholy success. The Obscure Sound blog (featuring lengthier original posts than most), profiles Justin Ringle et al. Reinforcing my hunch that quiet is in fact the new loud, and that the cello will soon replace the guitar in rock music (Cello Hero, anyone?).

Me: "Hey Madeleine, lookit all these great bands at next weekend's Monolith Festival at Red Rocks." Madeleine (15y.o. daughter): "None of my friends listen to music like that ... Hey Dad, there's a Beatles tribute band in Niwot today. Can we go?" Have I failed as a parent? Devotchka, Band of Horses, Avett Bros, Port O'Brien, Blitzen Trapper, Paper Bird ... Late summer at Red Rocks? If I were a festival-goin' sort ...

Tuesday will greet the dawn with new releases from Calexico, Damien Jurado, Horse Feathers, Okkervil River, and Live From the Artist's Den by Patty Griffin. Please respond appropriately.

... oh, and looking for something unexpected? Try The Road Rises, by Danielle Talamini. Self released, but much better than most of what the major labels are churning forth.

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