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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Played Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
8:00AM Avett Brothers At the Beach Mignonette AMERICANA CD ALBUM 2004 Ramsuer
8:05AM Sarah Borges Daniel Lee Silver City AMERICANA CD ALBUM 2005 Blue Corn Music
8:10AM Danielle Talamini No One To Me Road Rises AMERICANA CD ALBUM 2008 self
8:15AM The Haunted Windchimes Leaving Here Verse/Visa AMERICANA CD ALBUM LOCAL 2008 Blank Tape
8:20AM Justin Townes Earle What Do You Do When You're Lonesome The Good Life AMERICANA CD ALBUM (added Mar 25 2008) 2008 Bloodshot
8:25AM Rory Block Preachin' Blues Blues Walkin' Like a Man: Tribute to Son House BLUES CD ALBUM (added Oct 06 2008) 2008 Stony Plain
8:30AM Nathan Scarecrow Key Principles AMERICANA CD ALBUM 2007 Nettwerk
8:35AM Tom Russell Roll the Credits Veteran's Day AMERICANA CD ALBUM 2008 Hightone
8:40AM Low Anthem Charlie Darwin Oh My God Charlie Darwin ROCK CD ALBUM (added Nov 20 2008) 2008 self
8:45AM Iris Dement No Time To Cry My Life AMERICANA CD ALBUM 1993 Warner Bros
8:50AM Band of Heathens Right Here With Me Voices Of a Grateful Nation Vol 1 AMERICANA CD ALBUM (added Nov 20 2008) 2008 Welcome Home
8:55AM Lynn Miles Ghost Of Deadlock Slightly Haunted AMERICANA CD ALBUM 1996 Philo
9:00AM The Bridge Let Me Off This Train Blind Man's Hill AMERICANA CD ALBUM (added Nov 20 2008) 2008 Hyena
9:05AM Jonathan Byrd Clean Law & the Lonesome AMERICANA CD ALBUM 2008 Waterbug
9:10AM Willie Nelson Songbird Songbird AMERICANA CD ALBUM 2006 UMG / Lost Highway
9:15AM She and Him Change Is Hard Volume One ROCK CD ALBUM (added Mar 28 2008) 2008 Merge
9:20AM Buddy Miller Rock Salt & Nails Best Of Hightone Years AMERICANA CD ALBUM (added Nov 20 2008) 2008 Hightone
9:25AM Alejandro Escovedo California Blues Bourbonitis Blues AMERICANA CD ALBUM 1999 Bloodshot
9:30AM Will Quinlan & the Diviners Remember the Beatitudes Navasota AMERICANA CD ALBUM (added Nov 20 2008) 2008 Ironweed
9:35AM Catherine Maclellan Long Way Home Church Bell Blues AMERICANA CD ALBUM 2008 True North
9:40AM Patty Griffin Long Ride Home 1000 Kisses AMERICANA CD ALBUM 2002 ATO
9:45AM Pee-Pee Jaroline Castile Jackine Is Vooded at Broonus Mousin: Volume 1 ROCK CD ALBUM LOCAL (added Nov 15 2008) 2008 Helmut Room
9:48AM Pretenders You Didn't Have To Break Up The Concrete ROCK CD ALBUM (added Aug 29 2008) 2008 Shangri-La
9:51AM Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion Holdin' Back Exploration AMERICANA CD ALBUM 2005 New West
9:54AM Jeff Black Noah's Ark Birmingham Road AMERICANA CD ALBUM 1998 Arista


Scott "Shotgun" Majors said...

It actually scares me how often I'll pull a bunch of CD's to play next week and you'll play the same artist/song while their CD is sitting in my on-air box.

This week its Iris Dement, Patty Griffin, Alejandro and, of all things, The Preteneders.


ps this dj stuff is the best thing I've ever done, thanks for the opportunity, its never work and always fun

Scott "Shotgun" Majors said...

Got another for you...

I met a guy in Austin named Johathan Terrell. He gave me a CD and it was awesome, he's since sent me other CD's (all great). I have extra copies: you interested?