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Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 19, 2009
Scott Foley

* Ruthie Foster, "When it Don't Come Easy"  Truth According To ... (Blue Corn, 09)
* Kerri Powers, "Nobody Minds My Drinking"  Faith In the Shadows  (self, 09)
* Ian McLagan, "Little Black Number"  Never Say Never  (2:59, 09)
* Jeff Finlin, "Postcard From Topeka"  Angels In Disguise  (Ryko, 06)
* Ramblin' Jack Elliott, "Rising  High Water  Blues"  A  Stranger Here  (Anti, 09)
* Steve Earle, "Dead Flowers (live)"  Live At the BBC  (MCA, 09)
* Michelle Malone, "Feather In a Hurricane"  Debris  (Thirty Tigers, 09)
* Last Train Home, "Last  Good Kiss"  Last Good Kiss  (Red Beet, 07)
* Eleni Mandell, "Bigger Burn"  Artificial Fire  (Zedtone, 09)
* Kimmie Rhodes, Emmylou Harris, Beth Neilson Chapman,  "Send Me the Sun"  Love Me Like a Song  (Sunbird, 02)
* Slaid Cleaves, "Hard To Believe"  Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away  (Music Road, 09)
* Tres Chicas, "Drop Me Down"  Bloom Red and the Ordinary Girl  (Yep Roc, 06)
* Believers, "Ring Ring Ring"  Lucky You  (Chinese Baby, 09)
* Jaimi Shuey, "Poison Kisses"  Wrong Girl  (Borondo, 07)
* John Doe & the Sadies, "Stop the World and Let Me Off"  Country Club  (Yep Roc, 09)
* Crosby  Tyler, "Six Tattoos and a Tongue Ring"  10 Songs Of America Today  (Bohemia, 08)
* Jon Dee Graham, "Jubilee"  Full  (Freedom, 06)
* Resentments, "Look Up"  Roselight  (Freedom, 09)
* Willie Nelson, "Sunday Morning Coming Down"  Naked Willie (RCA, 09)
* Ted Russell Kamp, "Never Gonna Do You Wrong"  Poor Man's Paradise  (PoMo, 09)
* Richmond Fontaine, "Don't Look And It Won't Hurt"  The Fitzgerald  (El Cortez, 05)
* Alejandro Escovedo, "Rosalie (live)"  Room Of Songs  (More Miles, 05)
* Booker T, "Get Behind the Mule"  Potato Hole  (Anti, 09)
* Jon Snodgrass, "Remember My Name"  Visitor's Band  (Suburban Home, 09)
* Elliot Randall, "How To Get Old"  Take the Fall  (self, 07)



loo loo said...

who is that jaimi shuey? can't find much about her... any info you could share?

Madeleine said...

Fact is, I don't know too much about Jaimi Shuey either. As I mentioned on the show, I had asked a small label (Boronda) for an album by one of their artists, and they sent a few extra that they thought I might enjoy. Turns out I liked Jaimi better than all the others. She still plays live around California, but hasn't recorded anything or updated her information since Wrong Girl came out (2006). Thanks for the inquiry!

S Foley said...

... actually that's my daughter's account. Sorry. Still, I'm sure she'd share my views.