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Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009
Scott Foley

Today's snow-driven Episode featured the solo debut of Drag the River's Chad Price, Smile Sweet Face on Suburban Home. It makes for an interesting contrast when regarded alongside compatriot Jon Snodgrass' own unaided project from earlier this year, Visitor's Band. Almost seems as though you could develop a mathematical equation to demonstrate how the whole (DtR) really is assembled from the sum of its parts (Price and Snodgrass). Take two-parts Snodgrass' good-humored roots rock, add one part Price's poetic, raw heart-on-your-sleeve balladry, and shake well. Of course, season to taste with your libation of choice. Both artists have hitched their wagons to this year's Revival Tour, along with fellow deep roots artists such as Frank Turner, Austin Lucas, Joey Cape and Chuck Ragan. Regrettably, our unanticipated Fall snow storm has resulted in the cancellation of both last night's Denver show, as well as tonight's planned Utah date. Worse at breaking up than ever, expect the release of a Drag the River collection, Primer, in weeks to come, as well as a split 7" with tourmates Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves.

Orpheum Bell, "Local Boy" Pearls (Widow's Walk, 09)
Chris Knights, "Love and a .45" Trailer II (Drifter's Church, 09)
Ronnie Fauss, "Another Song" I Can't Make You Happy (Self, 09)
Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, "Mabeline" The Bear (Vanguard, 09)
Gordy Quist, "Judas 'Scariot Blues" Here Comes the Flood (Self, 07)
Flatlanders, "Borderless Love" Hills and Valleys (New West, 09)
Pieta Brown, "Hey Joey" Shimmer (Red House, 09)
Danny Barnes, "Overdue" Pizza Box (ATO, 09)
Richmond Fontaine, "You Can Move Back Here" We Used To Think the Freeway Sounded Like a River (El Cortez, 09)
Blue Rodeo, "I Could Never Be That Man" Tremolo (Sire, 97)
Bap Kennedy, "America" Howl On (Lonely St, 09)
Zoe Muth, "Such True Love" Zoe Muth & the Lost High Rollers (Self, 09)
Chad Price, "This Cross" Smile Sweet Face (Suburban Home, 09)
Rosie Flores, "Girl of the Century" Girl of the Century (Bloodshot, 09)
Mando Saenz, "Julia" Watertown (Carnival, 05)
Lee Barber, "Way Back (Shoo-be-doo)" Thief and Rescue (Self, 09)
Shelly King, "Falling Fast" Welcome Home (Lemonade, 09)
Wrinkle Neck Mules, "Waters All Run Dry" Let the Lead Fly (Lower 40, 09)
Works Progress Administration, "End This Now" WPA (WPA, 09)
Chris Smither, "Miner's Blues" Time Stands Still (Signature Sounds, 09)
Jay Farrar w/Ben Gibbard, "Low Life Kingdom" One Fast Move Or I'm Gone (Atlantic, 09)
Chuck Prophet, "Leave the Window Open" Let Freedom Ring (Yep Roc, 09)
Jonny Burke, "Ship Come In" Long Haul EP (Self, 09)
Buddy Miller, "Worry Too Much" Universal United House of Prayer (New West, 04)



Shotgun Majors said...

I only got caught the first 40 minutes of your show. You had me laughing the whole time. When did you become such a comedian. Thanks for the chuckles.

Glad to hear you also like Zoe Muth's debut.

I've got a copy of the CD Bowery Boy Blue is shopping to the labels. You want a copy? It's as good and maybe better than Stalk That Myth.

S Foley said...

Scotgun ~

I'd love to hear the Bowery Boy Blue. I solicited them for it, but have never heard back.

I remember when you discovered Zoe Muth, before she even had her album out. I was listening to it again on the way to work, and still feel it's not only one of the best debuts, but perhaps even one of the best albums of the year.

Speaking of such things, have you put any thought into compiling a Favorite Albums of the Decade list? Sounds daunting, but I think I'll give it a try.