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Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 18, 2010
Scott Foley

I suppose I understand Kasey Chambers waiting to release her excellent Little Bird in the US until she finishes touring in her native Australia. It's about economics. Since it has disappeared from iTunes, I assume she's found a label for 2011 distribution. Somewhat similarly, Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling released an innovative Dharohar Project EP, but only overseas.

One of the better recent releases along these lines comes from Caitlin Rose, who hails from Nashville, but chose to release her Own Side Now in England months before it will see the light of day here in the US. Seems silly in these days of seamless internet to draw lines between one country and another in terms of music release. I'm grateful that I have been able to share cuts from Chambers and Rose, finding them as legal downloads here and there. Still haven't been able to track down a legal cut from Mumford & Marling.

* Hayes Carll, "King of the Road" Imus Ranch Record 2 (New West, 10)
* Coal Porters, "Like a Hurricane" Durango (Prima, 10)
* Zoe Muth, "Hard Luck Love" Zoe Muth & the Lost High Rollers (Self, 09)
* Kasey Chambers, "Devil On Your Back" Little Bird (Essence, 10)
* Boulder Acoustic Society, "Shelter" Champion of Disaster (Self, 10)
* Daniel Lanois, "Under a Stormy Sky" Acadie (Warner, 89)
* Derailers, "Guaranteed to Satisfy (live)" Live From Texas (Varese Saraband, 10)
^ Caitlin Rose, "Sinful Wishing Well" Own Side Now (Names, 10)
* Autumn Defense, "Back of My Mind" Once Around (Yep Roc, 10)
* Yvette Landry, "120 Proof" Should Have Known (Soko, 10)
* Fistful of Mercy, "Father's Son" As I Call You Down (Hot, 10)
* Travel By Sea, "Glimpse of Day" Two States and the Blindness That Follows (Autumn Tone, 10)
* Todd Snider, "I Spoke as a Child (live)" Near Truths & Hotel Rooms (Oh Boy, 03)
* Jason D Williams, "You Look Like I Could Use a Drink" Killer Instincts (Rockabilly, 10)
* Arliss Nancy, "Abacus" Truck Stop Roses (Backbone, 10)
* Kasey Anderson, "Bellingham Blues" Nowhere Nights (Red River, 09)
* Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, "Never Far From My Heart" Bright Examples (9th St Opus, 11)
* Big Smith, "Cicada" Roots Shoots & Wings (Mayapple, 10)
* Abby Owens, "Last Man" Indiantown (Self, 10)
* Jeffrey Foucault, "Voices Talking" Cold Satellite (Self, 10)
* Bobby Bare Jr, "Sad Smile" A Storm A Tree ... (Naked Albino, 10)
* Kim Richey, "Leaving 49" Wreck Your Wheels (30 Tigers, 10)
* Avett Bros, "Kick Drum Heart (live)" Live Vol 3 (American, 10)
* Larkin Poe, "Memories" Fall an EP (Self, 10)
* Musketeer Gripweed, "Bossman" Dyin' Day (Self, 10)
* Gary Bennett, "While You Were Gone" My Ol' Guitar (Raucous, 10)
* Pat Anderson, "Hometown Blues" Magnolia Road (Cross Country, 10)
* Hot Rize, "Diamond Joe" internet single (Self, 10)
* Robert Plant, "Angel Dance" Band of Joy (Rounder, 10)

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