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Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 29, 2011
Scott Foley

Well, R&B listeners, you exceeded your goals for a second Saturday running, wrapping up KRFC's Fall 2011 Membership Drive.  Folks for whom 9 straight days of Drive-time wasn't enough may still visit the station's web home to pledge your support.  Thanks to all who support the good work we do at KRFC!

This coming Saturday, Nov 5, there's a good chance for a Very Special Episode of R&B -- a 4 hour megathon made possible by the fact that Andy will be unable to host his usual Road House Radio stint.  If he proves unable to track down another sub, Routes will run from 4 until 8pm next weekend.  While 4 hours is a long time to do anything let alone host an engaging and enlightening radio program, it might mark the first time in a good long while that I don't bring way too much music for my allotted time.  

I also hope to make my first pass through my stack of 2011 playlists this week in hopes of gradually assembling my year-end favorites lists for albums and songs.  With just two months remaining in our 2011, this gives me more than enough time to pass through the Twelve Steps of Creating a Year-End Favorites List (including procrastination, inspiration, delusion, fatigue, self-doubt, guilt, feelings of insignificance, prayer, renewed inspiration, lost sleep, more self-doubt, resignation and more ...).  While the year has yielded a generosity of good albums, flushing out the great ones typically takes a bit of soul searching.

* Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band, "Walmart Killed the Country Store"  Whole Fam Damily  (Side 1 Dummy, 08)
* Tom Waits, "Raised Right Men"  Bad As Me  (Anti, 11)
* Lera Lynn, "Good Hearted Man"  Have You Met Lera Lynn  (Slow, 11)
* Devil Makes Three, "This Life"  Stomp and Smash  (Milan, 11)
* Slim Cessna's Auto Club, "Port Authority Band"  Buried Behind the Barn  (Alt. Tentacles, 10)
* Honey Honey, "Let's Get Wrecked"  Billy Jack  (Lost Hwy, 11)
* Trampled By Turtles, "Where Is My Mind"  internet single  (Banjodad, 11)
* Guy Forsyth, "Long Long Time"  Love Songs For and Against  (Self, 05)
* Ana Egge, "Motorcycle"  Bad Blood  (Ammal, 11)
* Kentucky Parlor Pickers, "Rosalie"  Barn Burner  (Self, 11)
* Constitution, "Pesos"  Wrestling With the Daylight  (Self, 11)
* Backsliders, "Lonesome Teardrops"  Throwin Rocks At the Moon  (Atlantic, 97)
* Danny Barnes, "Rich Boy Blues"  Rocket  (ATO, 11)
^ Deer Tick, "Main Street"  Divine Providence  (Partisan, 11)
* Black Keys, "Lonely Boy"  El Camino  (Nonesuch, 11)
* Kitty Daisy & Lewis, "I'm So Sorry"  Smoking In Heaven  (Verve, 11)
* Decemberists, "Foregone"  Long Live the King  (Capitol, 11)
* Waco Brothers, "Plenty Tough & Union Made"  To the Last Dead Cowboy  (Bloodshot, 96)
* Mosey West, "Stone By Stone"  Vaca Money  (Self, 11)
* Pine Hill Haints, "Desperation Blues"  Welcome To the Midnight Opry  (K, 11)
* Mike McClure, "Old Crow"  Fifty Billion  (598 Records, 11)
* Tom Russell, "Goodnight Juarez"  Mesabi  (Shout Factory, 11)

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