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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Delicate Cutters

Ring marks this Birmingham four-piece's third release.  Fronted by Janet Simpson, Delicate Cutters represent the more "gothic" elements of the Southern mythos, as even on the most upbeat song there is something a bit haunting. The album's two "sides" are titled "Sturm" and "Drang".  Simpson's beautiful voice is perfectly complimented by the ever-present fiddle of Kevin Nicholson - the two defining elements of Delicate Cutters' sound.  Ring is more musically involved than last year's Some Creatures, sounding somewhat like a more upbeat take on Hem's indie folk formula.  

Janet Simpson has been kind enough to give some thought to her musical inspiration on this installment of Departures.  Her Southern rootedness is further revealed in the selections for her favorite music as a youngster.  It also explains some of the edge to Delicate Cutters' new songs. 


Hometown:  Delicate Cutters' origin is in Montevallo, AL.  Chance if from that area, Kevin and Brian are from the Birmingham area.  I am from Rome, GA, a small town in the Appalachian foothills in the corner of NW Georgia. 

Favorite Music As a Youngster:  I loved the Athens scene when I first started exploring music in Jr High  -  REM, Pylon, B52s, Swimming Pool Cues ... and expanded that to Violent Femmes, the Pixies, the Smiths, Throwing Muses, the Velvet Underground, and all things Bob Mould.  

Your 5 Favorite Albums: Favorites are so hard for me, but I can tell you what has been on my turntable a lot lately:  Miles Davis' In a Silent Way, Richard Buckner's Our Blood, Cass McCombs' Catacombs, Joni Mitchell's Hejira and Smog's Knock Knock.  

Lyric You Wish You Had Written:  
"Who cares if they're rolling in bed?
There's only darkness upstairs
Does love sit cold till you put it somewhere ..."
  ~  "Colder" by Kristin Hersh, from Throwing Muses' House Tornado

Best Concert You've Seen:  Wow.  So many good ones!  Some bands are incredible live every time you see them  -  Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo ... but I'd have to say that seeing Vic Chesnutt with the members of Thee Silver Mt. Zioin and Guy Picciotto at the Bowery Ballroom was life-altering. 

What's In Your CD Player These Days:  Well, to clarify myself, for the above 5 favorite, it was what was on my turntable.  In my car CD player lately has been Seth Kauffman's Research.  That's some great Autumn music!

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