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Sunday, January 06, 2013

January 5, 2013
Scott Foley

For those not in the know, those "D's" at the end of a song on my playlists denote an album debut.  There are more than a couple D's on this week's Episode.  I owe this to a couple things.  First, I'm coming out of several shows devoted to 2012 favorites lists, and some of these releases were issued during the time since my last non-holiday, non-favorites program.  Hence, the Kelly & Bruce, the Caitlin Rose and the Ted Russell Kamp.  Next, while I was assembling my own 2012 lists, I was also watching dozens of other blogs as they settled on their own choices.  Stuff like Andrew Combs and Roger Alan Wade came from that pile. 

But a full 4 of those ubiquitous D's come from the generous warehouses of This Is American Music, a fledgling label from the heart of the "deep dark dirty South".  I don't know of another small indie label that had a more impressive 2012 with regards to the consistency of their releases.  We actually met former 400 Unit guitarist/artist Browan Lollar before the holiday hoo-hah.  Joey Kneiser will be a familiar name to fellow fans of Murfreesboro, TN's own Glossary.  His 2nd solo effort begins in the sweet, soulful roots rock of his day band, but takes a somewhat darker turn in a more direction.  Both Some Dark Holler and Pollies first came to my attention via the year-end lists of a number of other bloggers with great taste. 

Of course, I'm open to playing anything.  I'll never ignore an album because it was published by a big label (Dwight Yoakam, Steeldrivers), nor will I ever favor a record simply because it came from a garage somewhere in Alabama.  I just share music that I enjoy on R&B, and TIAM happened to send me a big ol' package of that for this week's Episode. 

*  Turn 4, "Where I Grew Up"  Faders Up  (Fuck All Y'All, 07)
*  Chris Stalcup & the Grange, "California"  Dixie Electric Co.  (Dirt Leg, 12)
*  Shelley King, "Is There a Reason (live)"  Armadillo Bootleg No. 2  (Lemonade, 12)   D
>  Joey Kneiser, "Goodbye Iris"  Moonlight For the Graveyard Heart  (This Is Amer Music, 12)   D
*  Dwight Yoakam, "Heart Like Mine"  3 Pears  (Reprise, 12)
*  Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison, "Border Radio"  Cheater's Game  (Premium, 13)   D
*  Hollyfelds, "My Poor Father"  Title Stealers  (Self, 12)
*  Caitlin Rose, "I Was Cruel"  Stand-In  (ATO, 13)   D
*  Damnations TX, "Unholy Train"  Half Mad Moon  (Sire, 99)
*  Kevin Bowe, "Just Restless"  Natchez Trace  (Okemah Prophets, 12)
*  Rosanne Cash, "Lonesome River"  Storm Is Passing Over  (Mason Jar, 12)   D
*  Daniel Romano, "That's the Very Moment"  Come Cry With Me  (Normaltown, 12)   D
*  Andrew Combs, "Big Bad Love"  Worried Man  (Coin, 12)   D
*  Carrie Rodriguez, "Whiskey Runs Thicker Than Blood"  Give Me All You Got  (9th St Opus, 13) D
*  Roger Alan Wade, "Southbound Train"  Southbound Train  (Johnny Knoxville, 12)   D
*  Beautiful Loser Society, "Eights and Aces"  Desperate Promenade  (Self, 13)   D
*  Dexateens, "Pistol Totin' Man"  Red Dust Rising  (Estrus, 05)
>  Browan Lollar, "Freight Train Hearts"  For the Givers and the Takers  (This Is Amer Music, 12)  D
*  Jason Isbell, "Tour of Duty (live)"  Live From Alabama  (Lightning Rod, 12)
>  Some Dark Holler, "Hollow Chest"  Hollow Chest  (This Is Amer Music, 12)   D
*  Trishas, "Far Cry From You"  High Wide & Handsome  (Self, 12)
>  Pollies, "Something New"  Where the Lies Begin  (This Is Amer Music, 12)   D
*  Slobberbone, "Lazy Guy"  Everything You Thought Was Right  (New West, 00)
*  Ted Russell Kamp, "Santa Ana Winds"  Night Owl  (Poetry of the Moment, 12)   D
*  Steeldrivers, "I'll Be There"  Hammer Down  (Rounder, 13)   D

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