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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

> Wednesday Morning Mix <
November 16, 2011
Scott Foley

Had some fun on this morning's Mix program, and it looks like I'll be Occupying 8-10 on Wednesdays for at least a few weeks.  While these aren't really R&B-ready playlists, I'll still record them here, because it's still some damn good music. 

How can this be Glossary's seventh album already if I'm just getting around to playing them?  Long Live All Of Us, to their credit, does sound worlds away from even their sixth album, Feral Fire.  This new effort finds the Tennessee band adding piano, horns and pedal steel to their soulful  Glossary's sound is still largely built around Joey Kneiser's guitar and vocal, but I hear so much more depth and maturity to this new music.  Add one more contender to my Long List for year-end favorites.

Fine new Colorado music  from The Longest Day of the Year here, too.  Looking forward to digging further into the Boulder band's crunchy, slightly sinister bluesy-rock.  Also nice to have the full Lizzie Huffman album at our disposal.  While her Pretty Old Soul repeats half a dozen cuts from her debut EP, it remains one of my favorite CO releases of 2011. 

*  Avett Brothers, "Slight Figure Of Speech"  I and Love and You  (American, 10)
*  Danny Barnes, "Low"  Rocket  (ATO, 11)
*  Longest Day Of the Year, "Eloise"  Turn Into the Ground  (Self, 11)
*  Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, "Gravity"  Gift Horse  (Vanguard, 11)
*  Etta James, "Groove Me"  Dreamer  (Verve, 11)
^  Glossary, "Trouble Won't Last Always"  Long Live All Of Us  (Last Chance, 11)
*  Deer Tick, "Make Believe"  Divine Providence  (Partisan, 11)
*  Ghost Of Michael Clark, "Thunder & Light"  Bound To Break  (Blank Tape, 11)
*  Peter Case, "Ain't Leaving Your Love"  Beeline  (Vanguard, 02)
*  Pegi Young, "I Don't Want To Talk About It"  Bracing For Impact  (Vapor, 11)
*  Tom Waits, "Raised Right Men"  Bad As Me  (Anti, 11)
*  Dum Dum Girls, "Bedroom Eyes"  Only In Dreams  (Sub Pop, 11)
*  Kitty Daisy & Lewis, "I'm So Sorry"  Smoking In Heaven  (Verve, 11)
*  Gourds, "Eyes Of a Child"  Old Mad Joy  (Vanguard, 11)
*  Reed Foehl, "Good Company"  Once An Ocean  (Never Foehl, 09)
*  Lissie, "Games People Play"  Covered Up With Flowers  (Fat Possum, 11)
*  Blind Pilot, "Keep You Right"  We Are the Tide  (Expunged, 11)
*  Low Anthem w/Emmylou Harris, "To Ohio"  Smart Flesh  (Nonesuch, 11)
*  Zoe Boekbinder, "Gravity"  Darling Specimens  (Extropiani, 11)
*  Kathleen Edwards, "Change the Sheets"  Voyageur  (Rounder, 11)
*  Black Keys, "Lonely Boy"  El Camino  (Nonesuch, 11)
*  Crags, "Big Divide"  Big Divide  (Self, 11)
*  Joe Henry, "Deathbed Version"  Reverie  (Anti, 11)
*  Robert Ellis, "What's In It For Me"  Photographs  (New West, 11)
*  Poison Oaks, "Pine"  Pine  (Cortese, 11)
*  Fistful Of Mercy, "Father's Son"  As I Call You Down  (Hot, 10)
*  Lizzie Huffman, "Tumblers & Tea"  Pretty Old Soul  (Suburban Home, 11)

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The Longest Day of the Year said...

Thanks so much for the spin and the blog shoutout. Can't wait to unleash the complete CD after pre-order is over!